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Public, Administrative &
Constitutional Law

Mani has a passion for public, administrative and constitutional law. She has represented government agencies, Indigenous governments, and post-secondary institutions in judicial reviews of administrative decisions and constitutional challenges. Some of Mani's work in public, administrative and constitutional law includes representing:


  • Member of Parliament Jenny Kwan in the Public Inquiry into Foreign Interference in Federal Elections and Democratic Institutions

  • The Centre for Freedom of Expression at Toronto Metropolitan University (CFE) in Working Families et al. v. Ontario (a constitutional challenge based on the violation of s. 3 voting rights by the Ontario government’s amendments to the Elections Finances Act)

  • Representing the Black Legal Action Centre and the South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario in Khorsand v. Toronto Police Services Board  and Shanthakumar v. Niagara Police Services Board et. al. (cases involving the interpretation of the common law in light of the Charter value of equality)

  • Representing Animal Justice, CFE, and the British Columbia Civil Liberties Association in Democracy Watch v. Ontario Integrity Commissioner (a case arguing the importance of public interest standing where private interests are not aligned with priniple of legality)

  • A public utility company in an appeal and application on the issue of the court’s lack of jurisdiction to review a determination of the Ontario Energy Board pursuant to a contract between a public utility and a private developer

  • An Indigenous government on the lack of decision made by a provincial Ministry

  • An Indigenous government on the decision made by a federal Ministry

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