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Public, Administrative &
Constitutional Law

Mani has a passion for public, administrative and constitutional law. She has represented government agencies, Indigenous governments, and post-secondary institutions in judicial reviews of administrative decisions and constitutional challenges. Some of Mani's work in public, administrative and constitutional law includes representing:


  • A public utility company in an appeal and application on the issue of the court’s lack of jurisdiction to review a determination of the Ontario Energy Board pursuant to a contract between a public utility and a private developer

  • An Indigenous government on the lack of decision made by a provincial Ministry

  • An Indigenous government on the decision made by a federal Ministry

  • The Centre for Freedom of Expression at Toronto Metropolitan University in a constitutional challenge of the Ontario government’s amendments to the Elections Finances Act on the basis of the Charter protected right to vote

  • A father challenging the constitutionality of the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act on the basis of the Fourteenth Amendment

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